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It’s miles very important to construct a strong champion similar to a super Nasus counter in League of awesome Nasus counter is genuinely important for taking down any Champion without problems as Nasus by me together with his Q which he can farm easily can tackle other champions quite without difficulty. constructing an appropriate Nasus may be simply smooth in case you realize precisely what you need to equip him with. And if you don’t realize whatever approximately Nasus counter then there’s not anything to fear approximately, as these days am going to take you via few of the methods how you can easily construct your ideal Nasus champion.


To get the suitable Nasus build you’ll first recognize where his weak spot lies. And so now allow me to take you thru few of his not unusual weak spot which can provide you with a basic concept of how you may nasus counter your own best Nasus Champion.

even as playing as a Teemo, your attention has to be on denying farm. If he goes to Q a minion, make him blind before he should. In case of cannon minion, I found it very powerful.
keep on harassing him and keep him out of the lane as difficult as you can push.
Reset your minion agro after each shot as Teemo can’t take an excessive amount of beating.
attack Nasus continuously and thoughts the remaining hit. however, do no longer overextend your champ. this will make him hit his minions. accordingly, you may cowl the lane to you.
Now, you can give the command to your champion to kill the tired Nasus. Nasus is delinquent – sports monster; so, you can keep him busy in anger and harass him continuously. make sure your recreation to be over earlier than it’s too late. Read More


Here you’ll find out about the weakness and strengths of Nasus and additionally a way to counter Nasus easily. So if you want to be a legend of League of Legends then keep studying.

LOL COUNTER NASUS – information about NASUS weak spot AND STRENGTHS:
As you obtain to understand something about Nasus, now it is time to hard beat Nasus. nicely, in any such MOBA game, the issue degree of gameplay depends on the man or woman playing as your opponent on the alternative facet. if your online opponent player is good enough and knows to apply the capabilities of the champions well; it makes greater hard to defeat him.

Nasus Counter league of legends:

if your competitor holds Nasus as his or her champion, then the first actual factor you purchased to do is to select a champion to counter him hard..

in order to defeat Nasus, I used to be in search of for the best champ which fits my way of gambling better. and then, I found Teemo as a totally strong Champ in opposition to Nasus. From my high-quality revel in, under here are some hints to counter him you could observe-

at the same time as playing as a Teemo, your recognition should be on denying farm. If he is going to Q a minion, make him blind before he may want to. In case of cannon minion, I found it very effective.
maintain on harassing him and maintain him out of the lane as difficult as you may push.
Reset your minion agro after each shot as Teemo can’t take an excessive amount of beating.
nasus lol
assault Nasus continuously and mind the ultimate hit. however, do not overextend your champ. this can make him hit his minions. as a result, you can cowl the lane to you.
Now, you could name your jungler to kill the tired Nasus.
Nasus is an overdue-sport monster; so, you acquire to keep gambling aggressively and harass him continuously. ensure your sport to be over before it’s too overdue.
Now, I should tell you, the more you play a recreation extra you will get control on it. if you have already got a few recommendations and thoughts it makes less difficult with a view to winning.

I hope these recommendations could be powerful sufficient to do Nasus counter in your own manner the usage of Teemo as your champ. hold on having a laugh with League of Legends.


Champion Nasus BB N/…is the most grounded warrior in the amusement League of Legends. On the off chance that you are having unsustainable champions in your group, at that point you will lose without a doubt. There are many champions that can beat champion Nasus in LOL diversion. You should simply to get the correct champions for your group to Nasus counter.You’ll get numerous recommendations for picking champions to counter Nasus and still, you remain confounded; right? In any case, starting now and into the foreseeable future, you’ll get the right data with right champions to pummel the champion Nasus. Read More


. Don’t try to stand in front of his spirit fire because it will be sherd your armor.

. No need to fight with him whenever his ultimate is in action unless you have a clear advantage.

.Remember Nasus is nothing without harass him the harder you can protect your minions.

.Try to getting TELEPORT against NASUS leaves him no time to stack Q alone.

.And one important trick often poke him in the lane as you can it will disrupt his Q farming.

.In the late game Nasus can push turrets down very quickly with his Q so be care full about Nasus counter .